ICON Network security

Running a secure and efficient node is as important as representing our community. Our experience in enterprise security systems will ensure the maximum security for our node, adding another valuable point of decentralised infrastructure to the ICON blockchain.

Educate the users

Cryptocate, a partner in ICX Australia, is a trusted Australian company that has dedicated their time to assisting individuals and businesses to better understand and use blockchain technology. ICX Australia will provide ICONists with access to education and support services to assist their journey as ICONists.

Increase ICON adoption & development

Usability is one of the key metrics used to analyse new technology. ICX Australia is solving one of they key issues that currently faces ICX adoption: payments.

Transparent on-chain governance

ICX Australia commits to honestly representing the interests of the global ICON community, and that of our delegates, in all on-chain governance matters. We will engage the stakeholders of ICX Australia in open discussions to arrive at conclusions that benefit the entire ICON network.

Accelerate ICON community growth

It is well known that community forms the heart of every cryptocurrency project. If elected as a Main P-Rep ICX Australia will build a decentralised Australian community that is focused on enabling community members, developers, and investors to participate in the ICON network.

Why ICX Australia

ICX Australia is a collaboration between Cryptocate and Digital Value, two Australian Blockchain leaders who share a vision of a decentralised future where the crypto-economy will bring freedom to everyone who participates.

Cryptocate is a community oriented blockchain consultancy, with a focus on raising the level of education on blockchain technology and delivering consumer services.

Digital Value provides secure, resilient and highly available blockchain processing platforms and corporate consultancy services.


Both companies leverage their business connections to develop blockchain use cases in the real world

Our Team

Steve Daws

Chief of Technology

Steve is Chief of Technology at ICX Australia, having extensive experience with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos mining. His technical expertise will ensure that the node servers will run smoothly without downtime. His experience in enterprise grade security will ensure that ICX Australia node will run securely for its entire long lifetime.

Callan Sarre

Chief Operations Officer

Callan is Chief Operations Officer at ICX Australia, ensuring that the node, community expansion and technical development is on track. He loves being involved in a community of passionate technologists, and is looking forward to the growth of the Australian ICONist community. 

Marc Phillis

Community Development

At ICX Australia, Marc is Chief of Community Development and Business Expansion. His passion for education makes him a strong community lead, while his business acumen give him insight into strategic positioning of ICON in the Australian blockchain marketplace.

Wandi Yang

Chief of Communications

Wandi is the Chief of Communications and Marketing at ICX Australia. Her career as a journalist has enabled her to communicate the unique selling point of ICON to a large and varied audience of investors, developers, and business leaders. Her passion for blockchain is second only to her passion for community.


XTZDelegate, a leading Tezos delegate which for over 12 months has produced and validated blocks, voted on protocol upgrades, and provided a consistent income for 100s of customers.

The South Australian Blockchain Association

The South Australian Blockchain Association, a not for profit community organisation focused on grass roots education and community meetups.


BTCWonderland, a Bitcoin Lightning network core routing node and bitcoin payment processor for businesses.

Community Development

Community development for blockchain startups, including Ultrain, Konkrete, Solara

Public Awareness

Presenting at multiple blockchain seminars and conferences in Australia

Top500 Company Engagement

Consulting to multinational organisations including Standard Chartered Bank, nbn co, Honda and Cisco Systems on new technology adoption.


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